Indemar Spa
Via Guido Rossa, 42 16012  Busalla  GE Italy
Italian distributor for over 35 years of technical products for the marine market.
Alarm systems
Acoustic alarms
Other insulating materials
Other electrical system products
Other shafting products
Other paints
Fire-extinguishing systems
Antiskid materials
Electrical cables
Trimming tabs
Galleys, electrical appliances
Reverse osmosis watermakers
Watermakers, water purifiers
Electrical equipment
Fixed-blade propellers
Search lights
Fixed flaps
Adjustable flaps
Elastic joints
Subwater lighting
Sound insulation
V-drive inverters
Thermal insulating
Thermoacoustic insulating
Rock wool
Led lights
Absorbing panels
Sound insulating panels
Ultrasonic antifouling system
Fixed fire fighting systems
Antivibration systems
Hydraulic steerings
Mechanical systems
Remote controls
Boat covers and hoods
Mechanical seals
Steering units
Marine Transmission
Various ship machinery products
Represented Companies
Sea-Fire Europe Ltd
Bennett Marine
H.R.O. Parker Hannifin Corporation
Hubbell Marine
Teleflex Morse
Mikado Philippines Corporation
Exturn Marinno GmbH
Oceanled Marine Ltd