Euroresins Italia Srl
Via Val Formazza, 10 20157  Milano  MI Italy
Distributor of resins, gelcoats, reinforcements, catalysts and ancillaries for the composite material industry.
Processing machinery and equipment
Other sandwich cores
Other reinforcing fibres
Other resins, glues, sealants
Other processing equipments
Other release agents
Other gelcoat
Other solvents
Other paints
Sandwich core materials
Bonding paste, structural adhesives
Inert fillers, glass microspheres
Glass sewed units
Spray release agents
Release agents, waxes
Proportioners, graduated containers
Short fibers
Carbon fibres
Reinforcing fibres
E-glass reinforcing fibres
Polyester, vinylester, epoxy gelcoat
Gelcoat isophtalic polyesters
Gelcoat orthophtalic polyesters
Carbon/glass hybrid
Glass/carbon/aramid hybrid
Polyester unsaturated hardener
Reaction inhibitor
Masks, protections
Glassfibre mat
Different fibers mat
Mat, matting, roving, units
Carbon/glass mixtures
Glass/aramide mixtures
Glass/carbon/aramide mixtures
Abrasive paste
Coloring paste
Soaking brushs and tools
Coloring pigments
Carbon products
Polyester resins
Vinylester resins
Resins, adhesives, sealants
Fibreglass roving
Lamination rolls and tools
Structural adhesives and bonding
Washing solvents
Polyester resins solvents
Coachbuilders paddles and tools
Stoppings, mastics
Handblocks and pads
Glassfibre fabrics
Multiaxials fabrics and chopped strand
Carbon, aramid multiaxials fabrics
Fabrics, matting
Three dimensional glassfibre reinforcements
One dimensional glassfibre reinforcements
Other one dimensional glassfibre
Manually tools
Represented Companies
3B Fiberglass
Rhodia Operations Sas
Farécla Products Ltd
DSM Composite Resins AG
Saertex GmbH & CO KG
SPC Specialty Products Co
BÜFA Composite Systems GmbH & Co. Kg
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