Emanuele Mascherpa Spa
Via Natale Battaglia, 39 20127  Milano  MI Italy
Mascherpa distributes the most innovative technologies for Italian market.Distributors for the major foreign producers of machine tools,components,special lubrificants,adhesives,hotmelts,industrial sealants,resins, protective-anticorrosion products.
Other resins, glues, sealants
Other release agents
Bonding paste, structural adhesives
Wax spray/paste release agents
Cyanoacrylic glues
Mechanical components
Release agents, waxes
Polyester, vinylester, epoxy gelcoat
Special greases
Epoxy hardener
Other raw materials
Coloring paste
Acrylic resins
Epoxy resins
Resins, adhesives, sealants
Polyurethane sealants
Silicone sealants
Structural adhesives and bonding
Antivibration systems
Clamping systems
Represented Companies
Arredomare Srl
HAHN Gasfedern GmbH
Hexcel Composites Srl
Huntsman Advanced Materials