Navindustria Forniture Srl
Via del Lavoro snc Zona Industriale Porto 60125  Ancona  AN Italy
Supply of materials, equipment and fittings for nautical and naval plants.
Processing machinery and equipment
Stainless steel
Other resins, glues, sealants
Other processing equipments
Other insulating materials
Other transparent slabs
Other tubes and valves
Zinc Anodes
Cathodic protection - anodes
Antiskid materials
Band antiskid
Tanks fillers
Stainless hinges, locks and similars
Cyanoacrylic glues
Phenolic glues
Release agents, waxes
Steel electrodes
Stainless steel electrodes
Aluminium and alloy aluminium electrodes
Electric valve
Stainless clamps
Joints for connecting and repairing
Fiddley opening
Epoxy hardener
Polyester unsaturated hardener
Reaction inhibitor
Sound insulation
Thermal insulating
Thermoacoustic insulating
Stainless sheets
Rock wool
Methacrylate slabs
Perspex slabs
Polycarbonate slabs
Transparent Slabs
Stainless shackles and pulleys
Masks, protections
Composite materials
Other raw materials
Stainless snap-hooks
Conoreflecting panels
Absorbing panels
Sound insulating panels
Applicable thermoinsulating panels
Soaking brushs and tools
Stainless steel bolts, split pins, smallwares
Chemical products
Foamed sections for carling and ribbing
Rapid clutch connections
Connections, elbows adapters
Acrylic resins
Epoxy resins
Polyester resins
Vinylester resins
Resins, adhesives, sealants
Taps, mixers
Lamination rolls and tools
Polyurethane sealants
Silicone sealants
Structural adhesives and bonding
Stainless steel rods, bars
Press fitting pipes and clutches for m/h pressure
Tubes and valves
Metal pipes
Fuel pipes
Manually tools
Hull valves
Vacuum exhaustion valves
Nonreturn valves
Hydraulic system valves
Represented Companies
Niro - Petersen KG