ECO.TEC di Alpini Cristiano
Via N. Sauro, 4 19121  La Spezia  SP Italy
ECO.TEC di Alpini Cristiano specializes in ship and industrial supplies concerning handling services, liquids and fluids transportation. Tanks, filters, fiberglass structures and fiddley opening and instrumentation are other core businesses.
Other pumps and surge tanks
Other port equipment products
Other products for hydraulic systems
Other products for systems
Other tanks
Other cranes, lifting equipment
Other watermakers
Other Tack bumpkin and ladders
Other transparent slabs
Other tubes and valves
Sanitary equipment
Tanks fillers
Metal works
Naval carpentry
Hydraulic systems
Strainers for solvents recycle
Reverse osmosis watermakers
Emergency solar watermakers
Watermakers, water purifiers
Proportioners, graduated containers
Electric valve
Actived carbon filters
Water filters
Joints for connecting and repairing
Tack bumpkin
Suction systems
Evaporation water purifier systems
Sewage treatment systems
Resins systems
Plastic laminated sheets
Polycarbonate slabs
Transparent Slabs
Hydraulic jacks
Plastic materials
Hydraulic pistons
Friction pumps
Manual pumps
Water Pumps
Cooling pumps
Bilge pumps
Electric pumps
Vacuum bagging pumps
Submersible water pumps
Pumps, water systems
Chemical products
Rapid clutch connections
Connections, elbows adapters
Taps, mixers
Vacuum bagging bags
Oil separators
Hull tanks
Water tanks
Fuel tanks in stainless steel material
Flexible water tanks
Portable tanks for outboard
Clear water tanks
Grey water tanks
Fuel tanks
Containers for chemical products
Anti-pollution systems for harbours
Water treatment
Pipes and fiddley openings in fibreglass
Composites tubes and sheets
Press fitting pipes and clutches for m/h pressure
Tubes and valves
Plastic pipes
Metal pipes
High pressure pipes
Fuel pipes
Hull valves
Vacuum exhaustion valves
Nonreturn valves
Pressure valves
Hydraulic system valves
Various ship machinery products
Test tanks
Represented Companies
SteelTech Srl
Etatron D.S.
Fibrolux GmbH