Resintex Technology Srl
Via Le Lame, 11 03100  Frosinone  FR Italy
Distribution of composites materials, R&D on products and innovative technologies (Light RTM, Vacuum Infusion and SPRINTŪ). Technical assistance, corporate workshop.
Sandwich, balsa, foamed PVC core materials
Bonding paste, structural adhesives
Inert fillers, glass microspheres
Wax spray/paste release agents
Proportioners, graduated containers
Carbon fibres
E-glass reinforcing fibres
Polyester, vinylester, epoxy gelcoat
Carbon/glass hybrid
Glass/carbon/aramid hybrid
Masks, protections
Mat, matting, roving, units
Consumption materials
Coloring paste
Soaking brushs and tools
Epoxy presoaked
Vacuum products and equipment
Bio resins and reinforcement
Epoxy resins
Polyester resins
Vinylester resins
Lamination rolls and tools
Design, assistance and consulting services
Phenolic spheres, cellulose fibers
Structural adhesives and bonding
Epoxy stoppings
Multiaxials fabrics and chopped strand
Carbon, aramid multiaxials fabrics
Represented Companies
Gurit Ltd
Scott Bader Company Limited
Fibertex Nonwovens A/S
Airex AG
Westech Aerosol Corporation
Chomarat Textiles Industries
Safas Corporation
Brianza Plastica Spa
RST-5 Mulder Hardenberg GmbH