Quick Srl
Via Piangipane, 120/a 48124  Piangipane  RA Italy
Manufacture of windlasses, water heaters, battery chargers, bow thruster, chain counters, radio remote controls, navigation lights, electric accessories.
Other anchor systems
Other products for hydraulic systems
Other electrical system products
Hot water circulation boilers
Electrical boilers
Battery chargers
Remote controls
Wireless anchor chain measurement,windlass control
Power converter
Bow thrusters
Fixed and spot lamps
Subwater lighting
Lever switches
Press switches
Electronic bilge switches
Electrothermic switches
Light bulbs
Led lights
Anchorage lights
Masthead lights
Way lights
Hydraulic pistons
Glass ceiling bowls, lamp holders
Water Pumps
Electric windlasses
Mixing valve boilers
Battery insulators
Lighting systems
Batteries detacher, charge shunters
Remote control switch
Pressure valves
Electrical winches