OmniaKoll Srl
Via Mario Ricci, 26 61122  Pesaro  PU Italy
OMNIAKOLL constantly search avanguard solutions for their customers. Represents and distribute on Italian territory: Adhesives, Noise and Vibration dumper, products for insulation and condensation control.
Other resins, glues, sealants
Other insulating materials
Other solvents
Other paints
Liquid antiskid
Bonding paste, structural adhesives
Protection cycles
Cyanoacrylic glues
Polychloroprenic glues
Spray release agents
Rubber proofed sheets
Epoxy hardener
Sound insulation
Thermal insulating
Thermoacoustic insulating
Cleaning products
Thermoinsulating spray products
Epoxy resins
Resins, adhesives, sealants
Polyurethane sealants
Silicone sealants
Structural adhesives and bonding
Washing solvents
Grease solvents