Socovena & Mapla Srl
Via per Castelletto, 43-45-47 28040  Borgo Ticino  NO Italy
Socovena & Mapla is Europe’s leader society since 1970 in the field of specific products for nautical upholstery, landmark for shipyards, architects, craftsmen and anyone who needs to furnish a boat.
Hoods equipment
Other processing equipments
Other insulating materials
Other upholstery products
Other fittings support
Other antiskid
Sandwich, balsa, foamed PVC core materials
Furniture and furnishings
Elastic ropes
Polyester fibers
Imitation leather
Sound insulation
Eyelets and fittings for sails
Absorbing panels
Sound insulating panels
Foamed PVC
Boat covers and hoods
Furnishing fabrics
Furnishing rubbed fabrics
Hoods fabrics
Interior covering fabrics
Fabrics, matting
Manually tools